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Diamfab is a start-up specialized on diamond manufacturing for semiconductor and quantum applications. We are a supplier of diamond epiwafers ready to be used, with a controlled concentration of NV centers.

We have a unique know how in mastering in situ nitrogen doping, during the growth of the diamond. It allows us to reach the suitable amount of NV centers, on a layer as thin as 20 nm. These characteristics allow you to improve the sensitivity of your quantum device/system.


Diam Epi-wafer
Diamond wafers with the suited rate of NV-centers, ready to be used for quantum applications.
Layer stacks defined and manufactured according to your specifications.

  • Wafer size: from 4 x 4 mm to 2-inch wafer
  • Nitrogen doped layers from 20nm thick to a few µm, with concentrations from 10^15 to 10^19 atoms per cm^-3.
  • Boron doped diamond layers from 20nm thick to few µm, with concentrations up to 10^20 to reach metallic conductivity properties.

Diam Services
Consulting services on design, characterization, and processing diamond quantum devices.


Gauthier CHICOT

22 avenue des Martyrs
38042 Grenoble

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