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Agentur für Innovation in der Cybersicherheit GmbH – “Innovation for Cybersecurity“ (short: Cyberagentur) is a state-owned enterprise based in Halle (Saale), Germany.
Its goal is to harness key technologies and innovations to improve Germany’s internal and external security. In order to achieve this goal, Cyberagentur awards research contracts to science and industry. The agency is owned by the Federal Republic of Germany and is assigned to the Federal Ministries of Defense and the Interior.


Contract research for and with
– academic research institutions and organisations,
– industry research and innovation,
– innovative start-ups
in Germany and Europe.


We see ourselves as a driving force for an open innovation and venture culture and for a vibrant ecosystem to promote cybersecurity technologies. Driving research as well as breakthrough innovations in the field of cyber security and related key technologies in the area of internal and external security is our mission. In this way, we contribute to Germany’s technological sovereignty in the cyber and information space.


Head of Quantum Technologies
Roman Bansen

Agentur für Innovation in der Cybersicherheit GmbH
Große Steinstr. 19
06108 Halle (Saale)

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