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Artificial Brain is a quantum computing software startup enabling businesses to solve complex optimization problems with quantum computers and AI with minimal expertise, time, and cost.

By using our location optimization algorithm, end users can find the optimal locations for placing EV chargers. The same algorithm can be modified for other location optimization use cases such as finding the optimal locations for placing wind turbines, cell towers, satellite placement, etc.


  • Location optimization use cases for Energy companies – Finding the optimal locations for placing EV chargers or wind turbines.
  • Smart grid optimization for Energy companies.
  • Satellite placement optimization, planning and scheduling optimization for rocket launches, robot communications, etc for Space companies.
  • Dynamic portfolio optimization of crypto assets for crypto traders and managers.


  1. Novel Quantum algorithms: We develop novel quantum algorithms to help businesses to solve complex optimization problems such as location optimization, dynamic portfolio optimization for crypto assets, etc.
  2. Quantum SaaS platform: Novel quantum algorithms are made available through an easy-to-use UI platform where end users only have to provide high-level inputs such as Excel or CSV files, etc. The complexity is hidden from end-users and they can leverage the power of quantum computers with the click of a button and without the need to hire expensive quantum talent.
  3. APIs: Novel quantum algorithms are also exposed via APIs or through our partner’s (QCentroid) Quantum Platform as a service so that they can be consumed within the existing enterprise solutions.


Founder & CEO
Jitesh Lalwani

Artificial Brain Tech Inc.
2055 Limestone RD
STE 200-C Wilmington, Delaware
USA 19808

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