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Aquark Technologies team

Aquark Technologies is a cutting-edge start-up in quantum technologies that promises to radically enhance our ability to sense, measure and compute on a mass-market scale. It aims to create a break-through system to capture, manipulate, and exploit the quantum characteristics of atoms by way of a low-cost, low-power module based on ultra-cold atoms. Focusing on SWAP-C of cold atom systems, Aquark Technologies has developed novel vacuum technologies, laser stabilisation systems and notably a method for cooling and trapping atoms without the need of a magnetic field. Our goal is to implement this novel cold atom architecture in different sensing platforms to enable the wide market adoption of quantum technology sensors.


  • Unique and portable cold atom platform
  • Novel and specialist ultra-high vacuum
  • System building and hardware manufacturing
  • High performance sensor development

    Aquark Technologies team with their portable cold atom system


Andrei Dragomir

Aquark Technologies
Unit 3, Abbey Enterprise Centre
Premier Way
Abbey Park Industrial Estate
United Kingdom

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