Member: Amsterdam Scientific Instruments

Amsterdam Scientific Instruments (ASI) stands at the forefront of innovation in developing advanced scientific detectors for research in chemistry, physics, material science, and biology. Our mission is to develop detection systems that inspire the scientific community and open the doors for breakthrough discoveries. Embracing the revolutionary Timepix3 technology from CERN, our portfolio includes solutions for electrons, ions, photons, X-rays, and more. With a commitment to user-friendly, reliable, and configurable designs, ASI is dedicated to empowering researchers worldwide. Our participation in Nanotech 2024 marks a significant stride towards collaborating with international experts, furthering our vision of transforming scientific research through cutting-edge detection technology, and paradigm-shifting instrumentation.


Phoebe: the single-photon TPX3CAM
Rhea: the quantum error correction TPX3CAM


Portfolio Manager Quantum Applications
Beniamino Ferrando

Amsterdam Scientific Instruments
Science Park 106
1098XG Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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