Microwave/RF engineer

26 July, 2020 2:35 pm

Superconducting qubit technology operates at the frequency range of several GHz, and qubit test circuits and quantum processors require highly sophisticated microwave engineering solutions. For this end, we are seeking for a competent microwave engineer to support our quantum group in modeling and designing the microwave solutions for the quantum computing applications in different levels. Your will contribute to the integrated circuit design of the qubit test circuits and quantum processor circuit layouts by ensuring that the on-chip microwave structures perform as intended avoiding nonidealities. You will also contribute to the design of the connectivity and packaging, addressing the microwave properties of the PCB designs and packaging solutions. Furthermore, you will support our scalable electronics team in microwave engineering aspects.



  • MSc or PhD in Microwave engineering or equivalent field
  • Extensive understanding on the principles of microwave engineering, including high-frequency (RF, microwave or mm-wave) IC or PCB design
  • Microwave simulation experience in relevant tools such as HFSS, Sonnet, Comsol or equivalent
  • Experience on microwave characterization measurements and basic instrumentation such as VNAs and spectrum analyzers


  • Experience from superconducting circuits
  • Experience from qubits
  • Excellent communication (English, verbal and written) and interpersonal skills
  • Highly motivated, and excited by self-directed, hands-on work.
  • Ability to be flexible and adapt to new situations in a rapidly changing research environment.

Please send your CV and Coverletter to [wpml_mailto email=”careers@meetiqm.com”] careers@meetiqm.com[/wpml_mailto]

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