PEPR Quantum Technologies – Call for projects – 2023


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The Quantum Technologies Priority Research Program and Equipment (PEPR) is specifically intended to support the research effort of the scientific community and constitutes the upstream part of the national quantum strategy (TRL 1 to 4).

France’s ambition to position itself at the forefront of quantum technologies is at the heart of the national quantum strategy drawn up by the State during the year 2020. This strategy is organized into six technological axes relating to quantum simulators and accelerators, scalable quantum computing, quantum sensors, post-quantum cryptography, quantum communications and enabling technologies, and four cross-cutting axes: development of human capital, reinforcement of technological infrastructures, improvement of the environment entrepreneurial, strengthening interdisciplinarity and risk-taking in upstream research.

This PEPR is one of the first systems to have been set up as part of the national strategy, alongside and to feed its other systems further downstream: the France Hybrid Quantum Initiative (HQI) Program on the provision and operation of first generation quantum accelerators (NISQ), the Maturation Program on universal quantum computers (LSQ), the Industrial Development Programs relating to enabling technologies (stable isotopes, cryogenics, lasers, etc.), and the QuanTEdu- France (AMI Skills and professions of the future) which aims to offer training and services adapted to the skills needs of the new sectors and companies of 2030.

Quantum technologies are on the verge of potential major scientific and technological breakthroughs that will have impacts on society as a whole, with anticipated spin-offs in both the civilian and military fields. These possible ruptures are the subject of international competition involving different countries and digital giants.

Consequently, the organization proposed for this PEPR targets the objectives of the national strategy while taking into account this singularity, and taking advantage of both the excellence of the national scientific community and its specificities. In line with the national quantum strategy, the priorities of the Quantum PEPR are:

Axis 1 – Robust solid-state qubits for quantum computing;
Axis 2 – Cold atom qubits for quantum computing and sensors;
Axis 3 – Quantum algorithms, in particular for the NISQ and LSQ platforms and more broadly the manipulation of quantum information, post-quantum cryptography;
Axis 4 – Quantum communication and beyond.

The file must be submitted in full on the ANR’s submission site before the closing date and time of the call for projects. In addition, the administrative and financial document signed by each partner institution and scanned must be submitted to the ANR submission site on the date and time indicated on page 4. The project presentation document must imperatively follow the model available on the call for projects website and be submitted in unprotected PDF format.

The coordinating institution must be a French higher education and research institution.

The same scientific manager can only lead one project and must not lead one of the projects already supported by the PEPR Quantique, or be involved in it for more than 30% of his time.

If one of the project’s partner research structures is already involved in one or more of the projects supported by the quantum PEPR, it must provide proof that the permanent staff concerned in this structure are able to have a significant investment (at least 30% of their time) in the new project and that it does not overlap with a project already supported by the PEPR.

Please note: The request for aid may be in the range of 1 to 4 M€.

The project will have a duration of between 4 and 6 years.

For more information download the Call Announcement.

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