New funding call: Large-scale Copernicus data uptake with AI and HPC


Expected Outcome:

Projects are expected to contribute to the following outcomes:

  • Copernicus is producing increasingly large data volumes that require specific Big Data technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods to analyse it and manage it. The adoption of Big Data and AI technologies in the space industry represents a significant opportunity to innovate, following industrial requirements to better respond to well identified user needs.
  • Moreover, the data infrastructures offering archiving and distribution services for Earth Observation data, including Copernicus, are often data silos that offer today limited discoverability, querying and linking possibilities. The full exploitation of the archives and data stores require specialized Artificial Intelligence technologies, Linked Open Data paradigms and semantic archives able to scale to the full archives data volumes. Enhancing those cloud infrastructures with technological paradigms that are now typical of other data intensive domains (such as multimedia), will contribute to facilitate the development of new products and services with earth observation data at their core, and connect earth observation data to European Data Spaces.
  • Copernicus data are part of the European Data Economy and its value chains. As such, this call is promoting the collaboration of ICT actors, both from industry and academia, with the earth observation/space stakeholders and Copernicus users.


To address the expected outcomes described above, applicants are requested to respond to one of the following challenges:

  • Develop new and innovative products and services designed by industrial and user requirements, having Copernicus data assets and services products at their core, and scaling up to the increased data volumes of Copernicus’ archives, by solving the technological challenges related to Artificial Intelligence, AI, High Performance Computing (HPC,), Big Data processing and management, and the integration with distributed data sources from other industrial domains.
  • Develop new, enabling, scalable, operational solutions and technologies to improve capabilities and performance of the Copernicus value chain and supporting infrastructure: from access and discovery of data and information (required to fully integrate Copernicus data archives, including into the wider web of data and connect to European Data Spaces, in a machine to machine modality) to integration with other data sources and analysis to delivery and applications. Proposals can address individual elements of the value chain or the value chain as a whole.

For both challenges applicants are requested to provide quantitative measures of the progress beyond the state of the art.

Deadline: 02 March 2023 17:00:00 Brussels time

For more information, please visit the European Commisssion web page.

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