|EIC Pathfinder Challenge 〉Alternative approaches to Quantum Information Processing, Communication, and Sensing


The Quantum Flagship is currently focused on mainstream quantum technologies, in qubit implementation, sensors and other areas. Nevertheless, alternative implementations/platforms and so far, unexploited (controllable) quantum principles exist and could become key elements in future quantum systems. Such new implementations and principles could lead to breakthrough innovations and enable new players to offer unique solutions for the architecture and critical building blocks of new quantum systems. This could represent a significant opportunity for European researchers and companies in this competitive field.

Specific objectives 

The proposals under this EIC Pathfinder Challenge:

  • are expected to contribute to the development of information processing, communication or sensing components, for terrestrial or space applications, exhibiting similar advantages to the mainstream quantum technology approaches, in terms of sensitivity, accuracy, energy efficiency, etc;
  • should describe how their proposed information processing or communication system would be controlled and could lead to the development of an information processing or communication device using a non-classical information theory approach;
  • should aim to show how information processing or communications principles and architectures would be developed that demonstrate a clear and quantifiable advantage with respect to classical approaches and mainstream quantum technology alternatives. This should be applicable to a class of relevant problems or applications;
  • should show how the foundations for novel approaches to encoding, manipulating, and storing information that could lead to practical applications would be established. Such novel approaches could find their roots in, for example, new phases of matter, exotic physical systems, biological systems, or other approaches;
  • should describe how the proposed information processing or communication system would be controlled, programmed, and measured and should address relevant interfacing aspects.

Expected outcomes and impacts

This EIC Pathfinder Challenge aims at the following:

  • technology breakthroughs that form the basis for future information processing, communication, and sensing technologies on ground and in space;
  • synergetic collaboration with existing European platforms, infrastructures, and innovation eco-systems in quantum technology;
  • increased diversity of information processing technologies platforms exploiting non-classical information theory approaches.

For more information please see the Challenge guide or EIC website.

Deadline: 19 October 2022 at 17.00 Brussels local time.

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