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Data is the lifeblood of our digital society, not only in economics but also in our everyday life. Imagine a life without internet, imagine business and an industry without data analytics and IoT, imagine a future of hackable autonomous driving cars and unmanned aerial vehicles – the protection of our systems and infastructures as very sensitive and essential parts of our life is cruicial and fully relies on quantum technologies.



Today’s encryption is based on mathematical assumptions and is therefore fundamentally and especially crackable in the post quantum computing age. Quantum Communication offers a solution whose security is based on basic physical principles. Entanglement and teleportation allow the transmission of information for example by photons, atoms or electrons, whose encryption cannot be cracked and any attempt to eavesdrop can be unmasked.





Application Fields



▪ Cyber Security (hackers, dataleaks)
▪ Finance, Governments and Companies (Banking, Government and Industrial Espionage)
▪ Defence and Security
▪ Infrastructures (IoT, Telecommunication, Satellite Communication, Internet, Extranet)
▪ Transport (Autonomous Driving, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or Drones)





Needed Technologies



▪ Basic elements of the Quantum Computers (Memorys, Gates)
▪ Encryption Protocols from IT
▪ Repeaters and Transmission Links
▪ Single Photons and Entangled Particles Sources and Detectors
▪ Photonic Integrated Circuits
▪ Lasers and Fiber Optics
▪ Microelectronics and Miniaturization

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