European Quantum Leadership – Session 3: Quantum Sensing and Imaging

21 April, 2021 11:25 am

On 14 April 2021 the third European Quantum Leadership (EQL) session took place online to show the world, how Europe paves its way to a technological and industrial quantum leadership – watch it on demand.

Besides the holistic portfolio of activities and support services, the Quantum Business Network has also three event formats:

  • The QBN Meetings with experts from the whole ecosystem are exclusive, non-public meetings on different fields of quantum technologies focusing on business collaborations, knowledge exchange and personal networking in a trust-based environment.
  • In the QBN Webinars leading organizations provide deep insights with extended presentations and live demos into the current state of quantum technologies and their applications.
  • In the European Quantum Leadership sessions, you can learn about the flourishing European quantum industry with its leading startups, corporates and RTOs from the different fields of quantum technologies and its value chains and gain insights into their visions, products, success stories and collaborations as key to position themselves and Europe as a leader.

European Quantum Leadership – Session 3: Quantum Sensing and Imaging

Sensing and imaging devices are the sences of our digital society and will will unlock incremental and disruptive innovations from autonomous transport, navigation and brain imaging to Internet of Things. Quantum theory enables the development of systems that go beyond the limits of classical metrology and sensing or achieve unique imaging performance.

The session started with a short introduction of the organizers Johannes Verst, CEO of QBN and Frank Lerch, Managing Director of OptecBB followed by five exciting presentations.

First presentation ”Imaging and Spectroscopy with Photon Pairs” was given by Dr Frank Setzpfandt, Research Group Leader „Quantum Optics“ at Abbe Center of Photonics Jena and introduced the impact, quantum technologies could have in future imaging and spectroscopy.

In the next presentation Dr Markus Krutzik, Head of Joint Lab Integrated Quantum Sensors at FBH shared insights into ”Compact Atomic Systems for Timing and Sensing Applications”.

In his presentation ”Engineering Diamond for Quantum Sensing”, Dr Matthew Markham, Principal Research Scientist at Element Six, a member of QBN, shared the unique benefits and applications of diamond materials.

Afterwards Mathieu Munsch, CEO at Qnami, member of QBN, how their developments are ”Supporting the emergence of new computing technology with quantum metrology”.

An approach to quantum sensing at Fraunhofer IAF” and their huge expertise was shared by Dr Xavier Vidal, Research Scientist at QBN member Fraunhofer IAF.

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