Diamond technology: taking big science to the tabletop – A case study by Element Six and Qnami

4 January, 2021 12:05 pm

An innovative, diamond-enabled microscope is turning quantum metrology into a portable reality, opening up new opportunities in energy-efficient electronics.

“Element Six has worked with this technology back when it was still basic science in Harvard over ten years ago. Today it is incredibly exciting to see this ground-breaking science coming to fruition and we are proud to collaborate with Qnami in the commercialisation of a new solution that will enable crucial breakthroughs in spintronics materials.”

Dr. Daniel Twitchen, Chief Technologist, Element Six

Read the Case Study our member Element Six developed with Qnami to discover DNV-B1™, Element Six’s new solution for quantum applications:

Element Six and Qnami – Case Study

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