QuEra Computing Named Finalist in the Science and Technology Category of Fast Company’s 2024 World Changing Ideas Awards

From a solution to repurpose cold plasma to treat seeds to 3D printed living seawalls, the eighth annual awards honor new and inspiring solutions to the most daunting challenges of today. BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, May 14, 2024 — The winners of Fast Company’s 2024 World Changing Ideas Awards were announced today, highlighting fresh sustainability initiatives, cutting-edge […]

QPerfect and QuEra Announce Collaboration to Propel Simulations of Quantum Error Correction and Logical Quantum Algorithms

STRASBOURG, FRANCE, BASEL, SWITZERLAND, and BOSTON, USA – May 1st, 2024. QPerfect, a pioneer of advanced solutions to accelerate practical quantum computing, and QuEra Computing, global leader in neutral-atom quantum computing, today announced a collaboration aimed at the development and evaluation of tensor network methods for accurate modeling of quantum error correction. The QPerfect-QuEra collaboration […]

Venturus and QuEra Announce a Partnership to Develop Quantum Computing in Latin America

Collaboration Aims to Establish a Quantum Computing Hub and Drive Innovation Across Key Industries São Paulo, Brazil and Boston, USA — June 11th, 2024 — Venturus, one of the largest science and technology institutes in Brazil, has teamed up with QuEra Computing, the global leader in the commercialization of quantum computers using neutral atoms, to […]

Tackling Challenges in QKD Integration and Eavesdropping: Insights and Recommendations from the SQuaD Workshop

SQuaD Workshop on Quantum Communication, QBN, QTI, QKD, Eavesdropping

Quantum communication has the potential to play a pivotal role in securing critical infrastructure, transforming the way we send, store, and secure data. From a technological standpoint, it has achieved significant advancements but still encounters hurdles, particularly in integrating QKD systems to accelerate industry adoption. Additionally, in the context of deploying QKD systems, it is […]

Quandela’s Pilot Line Launch: A New Semiconductor Manufacturing Site

Pioneering Photonic Qubit Production to Propel Quantum Computing Era Quandela, the European-based quantum computing provider, inaugurates its first manufacturing pilot line for high-performance photonic qubit devices, aiming to accelerate the deployment of error-corrected quantum computers. Following the successful opening of its first quantum computer factory in June 2023, which already enabled the delivery of two […]

QAI Ventures Selects Startups For The Accelerator Program’s Second Cohort

QAI Ventures announced the selection of its second cohort of startups for the QAI Ventures Accelerator program. Startups include Commutator Studios (Germany), Munich Quantum Instruments (Germany), QCentroid (Spain), QPerfect (France), Quantized Technology (Canada), Scenario X (Switzerland), and ZuriQ (Switzerland). QAI Ventures is a Quantum-focused VC Fund and Startup Accelerator with offices in Arlesheim, Switzerland, and […]

The United Kingdom Joins EuroHPC Joint Undertaking

We are thrilled to welcome the UK to the European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC). EuroHPC, a collaboration involving 35 countries, including all 27 EU member states, brings together top-class supercomputing resources to drive research in the next generation of computing technologies. Through  this partnership, UK is able to support the development of HPC […]

VeriQloud: QasMat your Cloud Security Solution in a Quantum World

Qasmat from VeriQloud is a distributed Secure Storage Software.  It is based on the protocol Lincos which itself is based on Shamir’s secret sharing scheme. Shamir’s Secret Sharing is a cryptographic method that allows a secret to be divided into several shares. The secret can only be reconstructed by combining a certain number of these […]

Formation of Advisory Board of Pixel Photonics

From startup to established company Newly founded Advisory Board professionalizes strategic orientation of Pixel Photonics Münster, May 22, 2024 – The emerging deep-tech startup Pixel Photonics has announced the formation of a strategic advisory board to provide decision-making support to the company’s management. Since its foundation on 16 February, five members of the advisory board […]

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