20. – 22. April 2020 | Quantum.Tech, London – Postponed

10 November, 2019 9:26 am

Quantum.Tech is the first conference & exhibition covering the emerging commercial applications of Quantum technologies. Tackling the spectrum of Quantum technology, from Quantum computing to sensing & metrology and secure communications & cryptography, this global forum will help Fortune 1000 enterprises understand and navigate the Quantum landscape, assess risks and opportunities, and help senior executives build a roadmap for Quantum readiness.

Some highlights although every session is a highlight.

  • 20.04.2020 (Postponed) – Start-up & Investor Showcase
    Investors, founder and everybody who is interested in the Quantum Start-up landscape is invited to attend the Start-up & Investor Showcase.
  • 21.04.2020 (Postponed) – Sessions, Networking and Expo
    Speakers from NASA, IBM, Honeywell, Google and many more
  • 22.04.2020 (Postponed) – Sessions, Networking and Expo
    Speakers from CERN Openlab, Air Force Research Laboratory, Microsoft and many more

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