QBN Meeting on Quantum Computing on 18 March 2021

7 April, 2021 11:41 am

To download presentations, agenda, workshop results and participant list, visit QBN Meeting on Quantum Computing event page.

On 18th of March the very successful QBN Meeting on Quantum Computing took place online. Knowledgeable experts of quantum industry from all over the world provided high quality information and made the event truly unique.

Quantum computing has gained a lot of interest in the past few years and has become a large topic.  The great speakers explained in their presentations why the topic is worth the hype and how the new technologies could improve our everyday life in the future and what applications in various industries they already have.

The event was opened by Johannes Verst, founder and CEO of the Quantum Business Network. Afterwards Magdalena Hauser, the CEO and co-founder of ParityQC, which supported the event, presented the approach to quantum computing of her corporation.

The first key note ‘’Early Quantum Computing Applications in Industry’’ by Sheir Yarkoni from Volkswagen illustrated how quantum technologies can optimize the infrastructure and car manufacturing. Next speaker Duncan Jones, Head of Quantum Cybersecurity of Cambridge Quantum Computing, explained the importance of quantum randomness in cybersecurity in his talk ‘’Building Stronger Cybersecurity with Quantum Computers’’.

In the workshop participants actively expressed their opinions about three topics: Quantum Computing Technology, European Quantum Industry and Quantum Computing Use Cases. A lot of great ideas were discussed and written down on the virtual blackboard. After analysing the results main challenges and possible solutions regarding quantum computing were made clear.

In the networking sessions participants had a chance to personally get to know others. It was not only entertaining, but a great opportunity to meet new peopple, to talk about upcoming projects and to form new partnerships as well.

The second presentation session started with the brilliant talk ‘’IQM Quantum Computers: Fastlane to quantum advantage’’ by Dr Jan Götz, CEO and co-founder of IQM. Next Prof Dr Wolfgang Lechner from ParityQC explained physical concepts of quantum computing in his presentation ‘’Encoding Real-World Optimization Problem in Near Term Quantum Devices’’. He was followed by Dr Jan-Rainer Lahmann from IBM with talk ‘’Quantum Computing with IBM: our roadmap and how to get started hands-on today’’, where he revealed how everyone can start exploring the exciting world of quantum computing today. Bo Ewald from ColdQuanta introduced the participants to unique technologies based on laser-cooled atoms in his talk ‘’Cold Atoms and Quantum Computing’’.

Industry and Start-Up pitches – ‘’Scalable silicon quantum technology’’ by Stephanie Simmons from Photonic, ‘’Accelerating Quantum Computing R&D with Orange QS products and services’’ by Dr Thorsten Last from Orange Quantum Systems, ‘’Diamonds in the sky: a different approach to quantum computing’’ by Dr Andrew Horsley from Quantum Brilliance – presented diverse methods of quantum computing and how increasingly important role the new technologies have in global market.

Special thanks to all attendees not only for their open and very valuable contribution but also for making the 1st QBN Meeting on Quantum Computing to a high-quality meeting with a trust-based environment for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

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