Parity Quantum Computing GmbH
ParityQC, a quantum architecture company, introduces a new paradigm on how to build scalable and fully programmable quantum computers to solve optimization problems. The company develops blueprints (instruction set and chip layout) for quantum computers as well as the appertaining operating system called ParityOS. The architecture provides unique advantages for all currently available hardware platforms and methods (digital/analog).

Quantum Compiler Developer

Parity Quantum Computing GmbH

(Innsbruck, Full time, m/w/x)

What we do

ParityQC is the world’s only Quantum Architecture Company. We have developed a fundamentally new way of solving industry-relevant problems on quantum computers. We develop blueprints for quantum computers and the associated operating system – ParityOS.

About the job

We are looking for a Quantum Compiler Developer who will join our team of Quantum Engineers and Physicists creating next generation quantum computers. The role principally involves the development of algorithms and implementation of features to compile optimization problems to various types of quantum hardware making use of the ParityQC architecture. The compilation process involves taking as input an optimization problem defined in a specific way—think an integer linear program—and computing a circuit to be laid out in a specific pattern on a quantum chip. This is a hard computational problem and involves bringing many ideas together, for example linear algebra, randomized search algorithms, and heuristics. This quantum compiler is a central component of our software product ParityOS.

Your tasks

You will develop pioneering algorithms, joining us in designing and building a fully-featured and scalable software product. There will be many fascinating mathematical and algorithmic puzzles to solve. You will design and implement efficient solutions in a fresh codebase using modern, maintainable code. This will not only give you the chance to grow along with extremely talented, world-class team of experts, but also have fun.

Skills & Experience

Required Skills & Experience

Preferred Experience

What we offer

We are a spin-off working in one of the most exciting emerging technology fields. There are no long-time proven concepts on what we are doing—we need to invent everything from scratch, and we are therefore able to shape a whole new generation of computing. ParityOS is the first fully cloud-based operating system for quantum computers. We are pioneers in this field and develop the blueprints for the upcoming generations. Thus, the position also offers the possibility to conduct research and publish in peer-reviewed journals. Furthermore, we offer an appealing work environment with an international, motivated team and the flexibility to partially work from home.

Please submit a copy of your CV and a cover letter stating why you would be interested in working at ParityQC and why your experience is relevant.

Hard Facts

Job: full time

Hours of work per week: 38,5 h

Remuneration based on experience

Place: Innsbruck

Contact: recruiting@parityqc.com