Simulating molecules, chemical reactions and material properties is extremely difficult but the precise modeling enables for example the design of new drugs and new materials. Today’s supercomputers can perform very simple simulations and quantum computers are not better yet.

Quantum simulators based on the laws of quantum physics already perform simulations beyond what is classically possible today. The acceleration of this process occurs at hardware and software level. Promising hardware platforms base on ultra-cold atoms in optical lattices, trapped ions, arrays of superconducting qubits or of quantum dots and photons. Software platforms, based on simulated quantum circuits, quantum and quantum-inspired algorithms as well as quantum machine learning methods provide a framework for extremely fast and high precision simulations on both classical and quantum computers.

No matter if near or long term, quantum simulation will open up the possibility of innovating several application domains.

|QBN〉Meetings on Quantum Simulation

The |QBN〉meetings on Quantum Sensing deal with short-, mid- and long-term Quantum Sensors as well as Quantum Imaging and Quantum Metrology for niche and larger volume applications.

Simulation examples

  • Product design (Molecule, Fluid and Aero-dynamics, Chemical reactions)
  • Scenario (Risk, Pricing, Market)
  • Optimization (Routing, Supply Chain, Portfolio)
  • AI (Prediction, Classification)


Application domains

  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Chemistry & Energy
  • Health care and Life Science
  • Manufacturing & Logistics
  • Transport & Aerospace
  • Physics & Cosmology
  • Banking & Insurance

Past QBN Meetings on Quantum Simulation

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Past QBN Meetings on Quantum Sensing

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