Quantum computers will drive technological enhancements and enabling us to solve global and societal challenges.

The nature provides all tools, the quantum mechanical phenomena such as superposition and entanglement to build this new kind of computer.

Massive breakthroughs are expected in

  • development of drugs and vaccines to manage crises faster
  • machine learning for improved cancer diagnosis and cyber security
  • fundamental science to study the dynamics of the early universe
  • development of new materials to harvest green energy
  • improving financial strategies for prosperity
  • algorithms lead to more efficient logistics and transport infrastructure

|QBN〉Meetings on Quantum Computing

The |QBN〉Meetings on Quantum Computing deal with near to long-term applications as well as hardware, software and interfaces to build the different candidates from superconducting over trapped ion to optical quantum computers and how to connect them with the real world.

Upcoming QBN Meetings on Quantum Computing

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Past QBN Meetings on Quantum Computing

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