The |QBN〉meetings are a key instrument to support collaborative innovation as well as technology and knowledge transfer. The regular meetings provide experts from industry and academia a trustful environment for professional exchange and personal networking.

Five Working Groups increase visibility and provide high valuable networking.

The Meetings

The QBN (Online) Meetings are not ordinary (online) meetings, webinars or workshops. They are unique in terms of participants and topics and provide valuable market insights and networking opportunities.

The QBN Meetings provide a trustful environment for Open Innovation due to the limited number of participants. There is no livestream at online meetings and each participant participates on an equal footing with video and audio.

The goal of the QBN Meetings is to identify and discuss relevant challenges and trends in R&D and business and to initiate collaborations. To this end, a special focus is placed on what each participant can do for the others and what the others can do for the individual. In the networking sessions the participants can make new contacts and maintain existing ones as well as generate initial ideas for new collaborative projects. The workshops and roundtable discussions provide space for your visions and new inspiration.


Objectives of the |QBN〉meetings

  • Identification and discussion of relevant challenges and early-stage trends in R&D and business
  • Implementation of collaboration projects and joint projects


Participation benefits

  • Active shaping of focus and agenda of meetings
  • Exchange of experiences and information with experts
  • Raising awareness of own activities in the network
  • Mutual support in filling gaps and finding synergies e.g. capacity, special instruments and expertise
  • Gain insights into other organizations
  • Develop new solution approaches and gain assistance with technological problems
  • Widen the range of expertise and expose oneself to new perspectives


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